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Lives and works in Manchester, UK



Two plus Two makes four (Auxiliary Gallery, Middlesbrough)  



*Residency* The BEGEHUNGEN-festival (Chemnitz, Germany)

Queer Contemporaries (Short Supply, digital)

Exaggerate Everything (BACKLIT Gallery, Nottingham) 

SOLDIER (Heart of Glass - video commission, Digital)


PROFORMA at Abingdon Studios (Blackpool) 

PROFORMA at SET (Dalston, London)

PROFORMA at Manchester Contemporary (MAnchester)

Shape Open 2019 (Nunnery Gallery - Bow arts, London) 


BREAKING (ArtSpace Gallery, Cambridge) 


Shape Open Retrospective (Hoxton Arches, London)


Insania (Sad & Drunk, Madrid, Spain) 

Stockton Contemporary (Stockton On tees) 

Return the Videotapes (Stereo, Glasgow)

**Artist residency** at The Pod (Coventry)


*Solo Exhibition* - This is not an exit (CCCA, Coventry)

P O W E R C U T (SET, London) 

Yuck 'n' Yum 'Interregnum' (SOIL Gallery, Seattle, USA) 

*Solo Exhibition* - Feed me a stray cat (Sloe Gallery, Manchester) 

Imitation Solero (Soup Kitchen, Manchester) 


**Nominated for a trip to Documenta in Germany, paid for by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.** 

Lush Life x Grrrl Power Liverpool (Lush, London) 

Nasty Women UK (Stour Space, London) 

WHO WANTS FLOWERS WHEN YOU'RE DEAD? (Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Middlesbrough) 

People never notice anything (Guest Projects, London)



Liberate yourself from my vice like grip (Islington Mill, Manchester) 

Lightworks 2016 (Nelson House, Grimsby) 

ACTING OUT! (Derek Hess Gallery, Ohio, USA)

Identity (HOME, Manchester)

(Extra)terrestrial Calls Across The Glitch Universe (/'fu:bar/, Croatia)

Grrrl Power (Constellations, Liverpool)

Dystopia in the mind (Fringe Arts Bath Festival, Bath)


Cascading Consciousness (Fountain House, New York, USA)


Scratch the Surface: End||Begin (Coventry Artspace Gallery, Coventry)


Presentation at the London School of Economics on how art inpacts our mental health (London)


Presentation on art and mental health (Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester)


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